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    The Approach
  •       Collecting information from secondary sources & consultations on:
  • Existing status of Cauvery river basin and major challenges

    On-going forestry interventions and their impacts

    Conditions of Riparian forests & their potential as biological filters

  •        Mapping of riverscape, approaches for prioritization of sites for intervention & assessment of forestry interventions including SMC measures 
  •        Stakeholder's consultations for
  • Finalization of riverscape

    Prioritization of sites

    Finalization of suitable forestry interventions

    Linking livelihood with rejuvenation interventions

  •        Coordinating with KFD for site specific forestry interventions (including SMC works ) and ground truthing, if required
  •         Preparation of draft DPR (including cost tables for interventions)
  •        Devising of monitoring mechanism and recommendations on required research