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    The river Cauvery - Dakshina Ganga has been the inspiration for various civilizations who have thrived on the banks of the river. This can be seen manifested in the various forms of art, culture and philosophy that have originated along the course of the river. Considered sacred, this river is the spiritual lifeline of the people in the South India. Increasing population and consequent exponential growth of industrialization and urbanization have led to excessive degradation of many rivers, including Cauvery in many stretches. The major concerns are the altered water regime, dumping of industrial and sewage waste into river, construction of dams, siltation, deforestation and consequent drastic reduction in self-cleaning ability of the river. Thus various cross sect oral agencies and stakeholders need to participate in the process which aims at improving the quality and quantity of water in Cauvery

    With this aim, ICFRE and IFGTB is trying to make an effort to develop a Detailed Project Report (DPR) under the ages of MoEFCC through Forestry interventions for Cauvery. The project will primarily aim to identify critical areas and develop suitable bio-filtration interventions in urban, agriculture and natural landscapes along the course of river Cauvery. This DPR will also try to examine increased income generation alternatives, especially in the catchment areas to reduce degradation. For the success of the programme, all stakeholders need to be involved in the project formulation process. Such stakeholders would include farmers, fishermen, industry owners, foresters, academicians, researchers, members of civil society and citizens including school children.